Technology & Back Office Services

ABO Technologies is an efficient outsourced platform to run your advisory practice. It offers flexible fee billing and portfolio trading capabilities without all the bells, whistles, expense and steep learning curves of the competitors.


Cloud Hosting

Hosted solution on Microsoft Azure servers so there is no software to install. The advisor portal gives you anytime access to your account information.


Custodian Interfaces

Integrations with both Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade are supported.



Flexible billing options with advanced fee bill accounting capabilities including: fee splits, override calculations (% of fee or % of AUM) that can be applied at the firm level, advisor level, account level and strategy level. Detailed billing reports are provided.



The trading platrorm supports mutual funds, ETF's and individual stocks. Numerous trading methodologies are supported including block trading, rebalancing, postion swaps and more. You provide your own custom models or utilize third party models, and we trade them for you.

workflow diagram


The platform is easy to learn with simple navigation and eveything at your fingertips. Advanced workflows eliminate the majority of emails and paperwork making account maintainence easy and the ability to monitor and manage your accounts a breeze.

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